About Sweeter than Honey Wraps

If you have ever used a carrier of any kind before you know how uncomfortable most are. Not with a wrap, they are very comfortable. Baby wraps put an end to neck and shoulder pain caused by most carriers and slings. Wraps distribute weight evenly. No more carrying around bulky car seats and strollers. It keeps your hands free so you can shop, clean house, take care of the other children, and just about anything else you need to do. There are many ways to carry your baby. This is a one size fits all carrier.

Sweeter than Honey Wraps are mostly non-stretch wraps. I have learned from experience and by talking with other mothers, that the non-stretch wraps feel more secure and allow for longer and more comfortable wear. If you prefer a stretch knit wrap just request it and I will custom make that for you.

All my products are machine washable. The wraps and nursing shawls should be washed in cold, delicate cycle, and hung to dry. All wraps are both surged and hemmed for a neat finish. If you have a specific color you prefer please convo me with your request.

My Nursing Shawls

My nursing shawls have a unique look to them and will not look like your average hooter cover. Most nursing shawls will have some kind of boning in the top rail that will allow you to see the baby and allow for more air flow to the baby while she in nursing. My shawls have a full inch of boning for added stiffness to hold the shawl in place. Not all covers have an adjustable neck strap, but mine do. This allows for a custom fit whether you're short or tall. All my nursing covers/shawls are extra wide and longer than most on the market. It makes it more comfortable to nurse anywhere when you know that you are fully covered.

As with anything I sell, it comes packaged in a fabric bag with washing instructions.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Tie on Your Wrap

Thank you for purchasing a uniquely handcrafted baby wrap! It may take a little practice tying your wrap on, but you will be a pro at it in no time! You will enjoy having your little blessing close to you and hands-free.

1. Take the wrap with the panel facing out, holding it at each end of panel piece, centered in front of your belly with the long pieces hanging down.

2. Take the two sides and cross them behind your back and pulling opposite sides over your shoulders. (Make sure you do not twist the wrap as you do this.)

3. You will now have the wrap around your waist, over your shoulders, with the loose ends hanging over the front of your shoulders. Take these ends and tuck them through the panel that is now in front of you belly.

4. Crisscross these pieces that you have just tucked in, again keeping them from twisting up.

5. Now, bring the crisscross pieces around to your back again. You may tie it here or crisscross them again and tie them in the front. Tie it where it is most comfortable for you.

You may find after tying the wrap that it is too tight or too loose. You may untie it and adjust it without unwrapping it. Never untie the wrap to adjust it while the baby is in the wrap and not supported with your hands.

Always use common sense when using your wrap with your baby. Never place the baby in the wrap if you have not securely tied it. Do not use the wrap hands free if you are in any way not comfortable with how you have placed the baby in the wrap. The baby should never be in a postion where her chin is touching her chest. The wrap is not flame resistant and it is not recommended to be used while cooking near a hot surface or while drinking hot fluids. If you have further questions and to see more instructions, please see the videos below or email me at SweeterThanHoney@q.com.

You will need to scroll down to pause the music to hear the video.